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Reality War 2 Account: Leo Major, the One-Eyed One-woman Army

Updated on July 29, 2017

David Trace


I try to pee account clear and interesting, warts and all. We mustiness anticipate the yesteryear to read the deliver and present the hereafter.

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Leo Major

Leo Major on will in the Netherlands during Reality War 2 | Root

The Metropolis of Zwolle Awaits Death

Hardly later midnight on April 14, 1945, a lonely design slipped into the outskirts of Zwolle, a metropolis approximately in the eye of the Netherlands. Individual Leo Major, a French Canadian soldier in the 3 rd Canadian Foot Partition, an eye-patch o’er his discredited odd eye and eroding sneakers, sprinted promptly and restfully on the colored, hollow streets. He carried a submachine gun and a bag full-of-the-moon of grenades; two more submachine guns were slung complete his rachis. He’d been sent to reconnoitre Zwolle, which was engaged by the Germans, and maybe tie with the Dutch Resistivity, piece Confederate tanks and gravid gun collected to bomb the metropolis and thrust the Germans out. But Leo had distinct to unloose the metropolis and keep it from wipeout all by himself.

Localization of the Metropolis of Zwolle

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Zwolle, Netherlands:

Zwolle, Netherlands

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Major Loses an Eye on D-Day

Individual Major’s conclusion to spare Zwolle was not an detached momentum of self-destructive bluster. He’d middling often been a irritant in the incline of the Germans since landing on Juno Beach on D-Day the class ahead with the relaxation of the Canadian Army. Thereon get-go day he captured a German armoured half-tracked by himself. A few years afterward, he convoluted with SS soldiery and killed quartet flush though, during the fighting, a p grenade blinded him in his leftover eye. He refused to be evacuated, stating that he lone needful his veracious eye to aim. Too, with his new eye-patch he fabricated he preferably looked same a highjack.

Major Captures 93 Germans

In previous Fall of 1944, as the Canadians forward-looking toward Antwerp, Belgium, Individual Major encountered two Germans, sidesplitting one and capturing the early. Alternatively of reversive with his captive, the only Major constrained the soldier to takings him to to his commander. In the ensuing firefight, he killed ternary more ahead the fort of some 100 surrendered. As he escorted them binding to Confederate lines, SS soldiery spotty the prisoners, custody on heads, and began dismissal on their own soldiery. Major well-thought-of steady German Army soldiers as boyfriend combatants, but later beholding the SS down various of their own men, he would in succeeding spring no stern when it came to members of the SS. Major unbroken his prisoners moving and by the metre they were safely backside Canadian lines, he had single-handed captured and delivered 93 German soldiers.

DCM Refused

For this over-the-top effort, Major was told that British Universal Montgomery would acquaint him with the Magisterial Demeanor Decoration (DCM), irregular sole to the Victoria Crossbreed for enlisted men. This Secret Major refused because he aforesaid Monty was too incapable to be handing out medals.

Major Enters Zwolle

By April 13, 1945, the 3 rd Canadian Sectionalization had approached the Dutch metropolis of Zwolle from the s and required to settle the extent and emplacement of the occupying German forces. Individual Major and his acquaintance Corporate Arsenault volunteered to sentinel the foe positions, liaison Dutch impedance and regaining ahead 6:00 am when the partitioning’s gun would jump barrage the metropolis. The two slipped into the metropolis’s outskirts afterwards iniquity, but had already distinct to try to economize the metropolis from existence ruined. Regrettably, Arsenault shortly ran foul of an foe motorcar gun positioning and was killed. Angered, Major picked up his admirer’s artillery and killed two of the crowd piece the balance ran off. He helped himself to a tertiary submachine gun, batch of ammo and filled a bag with grenades earlier header boost into the metropolis.

Honorary Citizen of Zwolle

Palm awarded to Leo Major qualification him an honorary citizen of Zwolle April 14, 2005 (precisely 60 days abaft he emancipated the metropolis). | Rootage

Major Spreads the Tidings: The Canadians Are Hither

As he approached the township centerfield he spied a soldier in the driver’s bottom of a German stave car extraneous a tavern. Major surprised him and constrained him inner the pub where he institute a German officeholder conversing with the barkeeper. Aft disarmament his new engrossed, Major, who rung no German, observed that the officeholder rundle liquid French. He told the German that Zwolle was well-nigh encircled by an overpowering force-out and he was a extremity of the Canadian progression company that had infiltrated the metropolis with orders to seclude by 6:00 am when the metropolis would be subjected to a dreadful battery followed by a massed onset. The officeholder seemed to realize the situation– also as the fact that the war in Europe was in its finish weeks– so Major took a measured adventure and let the men go, hoping they would ranch the newsworthiness of their hopeless place rather of rally the soldiery.

Major Wreaks Mayhem

For the succeeding various hours, Major prowled the metropolis, sack his weapons and throwing grenades, so looking same an rise company alternatively of a solitary secret. Occasionally, he got into real firefights with groups of German soldiers and killed and maimed around. He favored scaring them off when potential, but respective multiplication he escorted groups of octonary to ten captives backrest to the Confederate lines earlier header dorsum into the metropolis centerfield.

At around spot he ground the Gestapo hq and set blast thereto. Afterward lull, he came crossways Zwolle’s SS hq which he entered. Privileged were octad SS officers who brook a scrap. He killed foursome, but the early quartet loose. Major regretted he wasn’t able-bodied to down them all.


The Grand Behaviour Palm, Queen George VI reading | Origin

Zwolle Is Protected and Major Accepts His DCM

By 4:00 am, he was not able-bodied to receive anymore Germans; the foe fort had fled w. Slow, shyly, about of the metropolis’s inhabitants were coaxed away and Major was capable to fulfill with the immunity, who had to subdue their misgiving of this lonely, one-eyed specter bedecked with 3 submachine guns. The tell of the now-quiet metropolis confident them and they helped Major think his protagonist’s soundbox and restitution to his regiment by 5:00 am. The gun bombard was called off and, rather of bombarding and assaulting the metropolis, the Canadians were capable to marchland into Zwolle to the cheers of its inhabitants. Secret Leo Major had single-handed emancipated the Dutch metropolis.

This sentence when awarded the Grand Behavior Ribbon, he recognized, though he silence groused astir the Americans (specifically World-wide Patton) for grabbing all the citation and halo for the Confederate advances.

Leo Major in Korea

Leo Major in Korea curtly aft the fulfil on Mound 227 (his discredited left-hand eye now cured but stillness screen) | Germ

Not Through… Major Wreaks Mayhem in Korea

Subsequently the war over, Major returned to civilian sprightliness in Canada and resumed his job as a plumber. Nonetheless, when the Northward Koreans invaded Southward Korea, he rejoined the army. In November 1951, the 64 th Chinese army launched a monolithic onset and parts of Major’s regiment were about encircled. The Lieutenant-Colonel coherent Major and his 18 scouts to exempt the press by counter-attacking the Chinese occupying Mound 227. Equipt with submachine guns and wearying sneakers, they infiltrated the defenders until they were butt them and launched their onset. Interpreted whole by storm, the Chinese panic-struck and the mound was retaken. An minute afterwards, the Chinese counter-attacked and Major was coherent to sequestrate. This he refused to do and called in regimental howitzer blast about on his own billet. The liberation was so acute that the howitzer tubes glowed hotdog and finally became useless, but the mound was held. For iii years, hundreds of Chinese tested to free the Canadians, but Majors’ scouts repeatedly threw them backbone until the Canadians were eased.

Major Accepts His Irregular DCM

For his actions on Mound 227, Major was awarded his arcsecond Magisterial Deportment Ribbon. He summed his exploits up by expression, “I fought… with just one eye and I did passably good”. If he had a charge this metre, he unbroken it to himself.

Leo Major Street

Leo Major Street augury in Zwolle, Netherlands. Reads: “Canadian commencement liberator of Zwolle (1921–2008)”. Major victimised this path when he invaded the metropolis. | Origin

Zwolle Ne’er Forgot

The Dutch citizens of of Zwolle ne’er forgot him. Start in the Seventies and until his end in 2008, Major sporadically returned to Zwolle and was granted a bomber’s receive apiece sentence, cheered by its citizens. The children are taught in schooling roughly the one-eyed liberator who protected their metropolis from end. He became an honorary citizen of the metropolis in 2005 and has been the matter of word articles and documentaries. When Leo Major died in 2008 at the age of 87 in Montreal, the townsfolk vestibule iris of Zwolle flew at half-staff and town recorded their condolences in a extra show. Afterward that yr, the metropolis renamed a street in his accolade, Leo Majorlaan (Leo Major Street).

Leo Major’s Gravestone

Leo Major’s gravestone in the Internal Battleground in Quebec, Canada. “Léo Major, Grand Demeanour Medallion; 1921-2008; Régiment de la Chaudière, WWII; Purple 22e Regiment, Job Force-out, Korea” | Rootage

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Inquiry: Unsubduable soldier, desirable of the Victoria Interbreeding, plainly. Why didn’t he tumble?

Solution: I’m dark I don’t live the solution to this. Plain the DCM was known as the “Near-Miss Victoria Crossbreeding” to Canadian soldiers. The fact that Major was awarded the DCM double begs the motion why he wasn’t awarded the VC. This is speculation, but possibly the powers that be remembered his reject for Monty — ne’er preclude government.

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